Our Team and Structure

We are a company that believes that everyone is unique and has the potential to contribute positively to our team. Trusting our employees is what holds us together as we learn, share and grow together to making our successes.

Growing our Talent

Our Learners Cafe provides a unique environment to identify and grow talent. Here, Learners have access to some of the world's best learning opportunities which are facilitated by our professional trainers and facilitators. 

Our Training

We provide access to some of the world's best learning and training from well established training providers and universities around the world. 

We strive to give our learners the attention they deserve to gaining internationally recognized certificates in various fields and provide lifelong couching for these individuals.

Learners have access to courses of their choice and we align their learning to suit the PNG job Market.

Exporting Talents

From these strong foundations , we believe our trainees will be worthwhile investments for potential employers who wish to engage them as they will be well equipped with job knowledge and skills in their respective choice of professions.