Our Team and Structure

We are a company that believes that everyone is unique and has the potential to contribute positively to our team. Trusting our employees is what holds us together as we learn, share and grow together to making our successes.

Our services strategy

Our company’s theme guides our business and service decisions and these are further strengthened by our value statements to ensure we accord the highest quality service that our clients deserve.

Our Primary service goal is to successfully develop and enhance our clients career prospects where they are satisfactorily equipped for the PNG job market and career advancement opportunities.

Our services 

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Career Development & Coaching;
  2. Career analysis and charting
  3. Job Placements
  4. Talent Pooling
  5. Online Learning & Facilitation
  6. Driver Training and Assessing
  7. Driver Recruitment and hire
  8. Computer Training
  9. Microsoft Office Application Training
  10. HR and IT Consulting