Our services

We provide a diverse range of service in Information Technology, Networking and Human Resources Development.

Alternate Learning Pathways  

Learning Pathways.jpgOur flexible alternate learning pathways give learners the opportunity to earn an internationally accredited qualification in Business Management, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Personal Development and many more.

Learners undergo a 6 to 8 months online training and a 1 month project course in various subjects customised to their career choice, preparing them for the PNG job market. The training is provided in partnership with some of the world’s best universities and training institutions.

Talent placement and Career Link Programs

Employment.jpgAfter undergoing and successfully completing our alternate learning programs, we advance our learners through our career linking program , connecting and marketing them to potential employers through our recruitment partners or directly to interested  companies.

Career Enhancement Programs

career start.jpgOur career Enhancement Programs are an extension of our alternate learning pathways aimed at existing employees wanting to advance their careers in their respective chosen fields or employment careers. These are high level internationally accredited trainings from some of the world best universities and learning institutions.

IT Consulting and Services

We also grow our own talent and specialists in all areas of IT and are able to provide a wide range of IT services and consulting. Some of the areas we specialise in include but mot limited to:gallery-thumbnails_4.jpg

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Wireless Classroom
  • Networking & Cabling
  • Cyber Security
  • Domain and Email Hosting
  • IT Management & Consultation
  • Online Recruitment systems
  • Database development
  • Programming & Custom Designs
  • E-Commerce Training & Consultation